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Network Operator Method

The network operator method for search of the most suitable mathematical expression

Table of contents

1. Program notations of mathematical expressions
2. Graphical notations of mathematical expressions
3. Network operators of mathematical expressions
4. Properties of network operators
5. Matrices of network operators
6. Multilayer network operators
7. Variations of network operators
8. Genetic algorithm based on the method of variations of the network operator


The network operator method is developed to search for the most suitable mathematical expression in the problems of approximation, identification, synthesis of control system structure etc.

Most of the problems of search of mathematical expressions are solved using manual automatic mode. The researcher manually writes down the mathematical expression with symbolic parameters. Then the computer performs the search of optimal values of parameters.

The network operator method helps to automate the search of mathematical expression. The researcher defines the sets of parameters, variables and operations of mathematical expression, and the computer generates the set of mathematical expressions that satisfy given restrictions. Then using the optimization algorithm the computer finds suitable mathematical expression and its parameters.

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